Panasonic Micro System with CD Radio and Bluetooth - SC-PM270K

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Your Music, Your Style, Your Choice

SC-PM270 is a sleek micro system for those of you who want to play their CDs or listen to the radio, have the flexibility to stream podcasts or playlists wirelessly from your phone, and hear everything in high quality stereo sound. And all in a flexible design that fits your real lives.

Compact System, Clearly Good Sound

Thanks to its internal amplifier and a pair of separate speakers, the compact PM270 is big on performance. The speakers feature 10cm full-range drivers with bass reflex ports to comfortably deliver 20 watts of stereo sound.

The Small System that’s Big on Choice

Love the simplicity of radio and CD? Then choose PM270 with stereo FM tuner and CD player built-in. You can connect wirelessly to your mobile, with Bluetooth® for podcasts or playlists. Plus, USB connection adds listening choice.

Stream Playlists and Podcasts Wirelessly with Bluetooth®

Using built-in Bluetooth, PM270 can play audio wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet. Bluetooth Remaster helps compensate for audio frequencies lost by the convenience of wireless transmission, to achieve higher-quality sound. Listening to playlists and podcasts in clear room-filling stereo sound is so much more enjoyable.

Technical Information

Bluetooth Re-Master

Bluetooth Re-Master compensates the signals that are lost due to data compression when streaming Bluetooth sounds. It gives you high-quality playback of sound sources from Bluetooth-compatible devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Fresh Design, Flexible Placement

PM270’s sleek design will complement any bookshelf or cabinet-top. The separate speakers can be positioned to suit your needs, and to help spread the stereo sound. All excess clutter’s been removed to create a simple intuitive control surface.

Bluetooth® Wireless Technology Play your music wirelessly on this system using Bluetooth®.
WPS SupportUse the WPS feature to connect the audio system to your computer network.
Ethernet (10 Base-T/ 100 Base-TX)Ethernet terminal is used for a hardwire connection to your home network.
Wi-Fi Frequency RangeBoth 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wi Fi bands are supported.
AirPlay 2Airplay 2 allows iOS device to play back music using SIRI voice commands.
Home Network Music Playback (replaces DLNA) Access music stored on your computer network (LAN) or NAS devices.
Wireless LAN SystemAllows you to connect the audio system to your computer network wirelessly.
Multi-room Audio with AllPlay™AllPlay allows music playback on up to six audio systems at once.
Works with Google AssistantJust say "Hey or Ok Google" to access your Google voice assistant.
Chromecast Multi Zone (independent zone control)Allows you control individual speaker volumes in Party Mode.
Favorite Buttons You can assign up to 9 sources from FM Radio Stations to Internet Music Service's
Net Pre-set Button (for Internet Services) 6 PRESET buttons are the main unit and the remote control.
Chromecast Multi-Room (grouped Spkrs)Chromecast allows you to group speakers and or audio systems together.
Google Chromecast (built-in)Chromecast allows you Stream Music directly from your Services.
Bluetooth® with Standby Mode Music sent by Bluetooth® will automatically turn on this audio system.
Panasonic Music Streaming App*1 Download a free Panasonic Music Streaming App from iTunes or Google Play.
Panasonic Audio Player 2 (Windows and MAC) Free Hi Res music player software for Windows and MAC operating systems.
AUX-IN Auto Play Connect and start playback and the audio system turns on automatically.
USB Connection for iPod/ iPad/ iPhone*2 Allows user to connect iOS devices via USB Cable.
Re-streaming (Bluetooth®, CD, Radio, USB, AUX)*3 Play music in one system and Re-stream music up to five additional systems.
Speaker System
Full Digital Amplifier SystemThe full digital amplifier system uses less power and sounds great.
LincsD-Amp 3rd generation Panasonic's 3rd generation amp technology eliminates jitter and distortion
Technics Jeno Engine AmplifierTechnics Jeno engine amplifier eliminates unwanted jitter.
Technics Silent Power SupplySilent Power Supply and reduces noise over the entire frequency range.
High Quality Audio Grade Components Built with Audio Grade Components for Hi Res Audio
VDGA (Variable Digital Gain Amplifier)Improves the "Signal to Noise Ratio and Dynamic Range" at low volumes.
Virtual Battery Power SupplyEliminates unwanted AC ripple from switching audio power supplies.
Built-in Power Conditioner The Built-In Power Conditioner minimizes external power noises.
Built-in USB-DACBuilt-in USB DAC allows you to play Hi Res music files from your PC or MAC.
D.Bass/XBS BassExtends the low frequency by one harmonic to improve the bass
CD Re-MasterCD's are up-sample from 44.1kHz to 88.2kHz optimizing the range of CD.
MP3 Re-MasterMP3 Re-Master compensates for data lost through the compression process.
Bluetooth® Re-Master Bluetooth Re-Master compensates for data lost in wireless transmissions.
TweeterTweeter reproduces high frequencies up to 20kHz range
Piezo TweeterPiezo Tweeter reproduces high frequencies up to 50kHz range
Silk Dome TweeterSilk Dome Tweeter reproduces high frequencies up to 50kHz range
Paper ConePaper pulp fibre is most common material used for speaker cones.
Bamboo Charcoal ConeA blend of Bamboo Charcoal and Polypropylene resign.
Pre-set EQChoose your favourite soundscape from a list of pre-set EQ settings.
Bass & Treble Control Adjust the Bass and Treble to enhance your listening experience.
Audio InputPin Jack (RCA)
AUX Input3.5 mm (Stereo Jack)
Headphone Output3.5 mm (Stereo Jack)
Power ConsumptionNormal Use [Approx.]
Bluetooth Standby [Approx.]
Standby [Approx.]
Brampton (Trinity Commons)Yes
Toronto LeasideYes

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