Greater Toronto Area Premium Delivery Service, Only available from 2001 Audio Video

Exceeding your delivery expectations, our Premium Delivery Service will give you the confidence your product will be delivered the right way! Our 2001 Audio Video warehouse Manager will personally contact you by phone within 2 - 3 (est.) business days, to arrange the time and date of your delivery.

Our 2001 Audio Video drivers, with many years experience, take pride in handling your product with the respect all electronics deserve. They will always be friendly and accommodating and sometimes, if possible, we'll bring your product to its designated room, with your request.

Resolving problems before they happen, with no 3rd party couriers or tracking numbers, Is a big reason why we both win and more importantly prioritize your needs!

If you need assistance

Please contact us : 1 855 841-2001 / Email:

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