When you purchase a Money-Back Extended Service Plan ("The Plan") at 2001 Audio Video, you can be sure you are receiving the most comprehensive coverage giving you 100% security and peace of mind. If trouble arises with your purchased product, our Extended Service Plan covers the cost of repairs if your manufacturer warranty has expired. Starting October 1st, 2012, customers shopping at 2001 Audio Video will have even more exclusive benefits included in our Extended Service Plan:

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When your 2001 Audio Video Money-Back Extended Service Plan has expired and is free of any service claims, you will qualify to receive a voucher for the premium paid that can be used towards your next purchase up to a maximum of 50% of the new purchase price.

How It Works:

30 days after your Extended Service Plan expires without any service claims against it, fill out and submit the warranty redemption form below or drop into a 2001 Audio Video Location and fill out and submit a warranty redemption form in person. Your Money-Back claim will be processed and you will be notified by email or phone when you are eligible to redeem your credit. You must fill out the warranty redemption form within 365 days of the expiry of the Extended Service Plan. The Money-Back Credit will be valid at the store you have selected within 90 days of being issued.

Money-Back Conditions:

  1. It is the responsibility of the customer to contact 2001 Audio Video within 365 of the expiry of The Plan by filling out and submitting the form found below or by contacting your local retail store. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing.
  2. Voucher valid only at store indicated in rebate form within 90 days of being issued. Not valid for any online purchases. Expired or unclaimed certificates will be voided and hold no cash value.
  3. Money Back options valid on Extended Service Plans purchased on or after October 1st, 2012 only.
  4. Money-Back Credit will be applied towards a new purchase on any regular or sale tagged product(s). The value of the credit cannot exceed 50% of the total sale (before tax). Example: If the value of the expired Plan is $200.00; your new sales invoice must total a minimum of $400.00 (before tax).
  5. Money-Back Credit must be used in one transaction and cannot be applied to any previous existing open sale and holds no cash value. One voucher per sale.  It cannot be combined with any in-store or online promotion. It cannot be used to purchase gift cards and is not valid for any installation service.
  6. Money-Back Extended Service Plan is only available in Ontario.

Fill out the submission form

Extended Service Plan Conditions:

  1. This is a service protection plan covering warrantable product(s) listed in the description section of your invoice. The Plan compliments but does not replace the manufacturer’s warranty. The original invoice is required for service under this Extended Service Protection Plan. Please contact the closest 2001 Audio Video retail location for service guidelines.
  2. The Plan will pay for parts and/or labour to repair any covered electrical or mechanical part that fails under normal use and is not covered by any other warranty service contract or protection plan, for a period up to and including the number for years stated on the front of this invoice. The stated number represents the additional year(s) coverage after the manufacturer warranty.
  3. The Plan is for residential indoor use only and does not apply for any commercial purposes or uses for public by lease or rental.
  4. If the defective product cannot be repaired or parts are no longer available, we may replace the product with a similar featured product (not necessarily of the same brand) or at our discretion, issue an in-store credit for the original invoice price (less 25% depreciation for the first year and 15% depreciation for every subsequent year). If your defective product was purchased as an end of line, display model or open box, we may replace your product with an end of line, display or open box item.  Should your product require a TV Panel to complete a repair during the ESP coverage period, your ESP Plan will be considered fulfilled and closed.  The decision to repair or replace the product is at the sole discretion of 2001 Audio Video. The defective product must be returned before any replacement or credit is issued. The Plan will be considered fulfilled and will end on the date of the replacement or credit issued. Today’s technology may result in a replacement product which may have a lower selling price. The replacement or credit shall never exceed the original purchase price of the merchandise.
  5. The Plan is transferable with original sales receipt, copies will not be accepted. The Plan will commence upon expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty.
  6. All products must be taken to an authorized 2001 Audio Video service provider for diagnosis. Approval must be given prior to any service being completed.  Contact your local 2001 Audio Video retail outlet.  In the event the owner of the product fails to keep an in-home appointment or there is "no fault found" or manufacturer’s defect with the product, the owner of the product is responsible for the payment of the service call.   If payment is not made a claim will be applied to your account or we may cancel your extended warranty for non payment.

Product Replacement Extended Service Plan: Return defective product with original sales receipt to any 2001 Audio Video retail location. Please allow up to 48 hours (2 business days) for product assessment. The Plan covers manufacturer defects under normal usage. Please see General Terms and Conditions Section 7 and 9 for exclusions. The replacement or in-store credit shall never exceed the original purchase price of the product. 2001 Audio Video may replace the product with a similar featured product not necessarily of the same brand or issue an in-store credit for current replacement value (not the purchase price).

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Exclusions:   A) The Plan will not pay for damage to cabinets or other exterior components (antennas, glass, shelving, knobs, handles, adapters, power cords, cables, exterior wiring, batteries, trays, panels, filters, remote hand units, headphones, customer accessible fuses) Panels and screens that have been cleaned by any means other than specified in the owner’s manual. Any damage resulting from abuse, misuse, accidental or intentional physical damage, screen pressure damage, improper installation, improper equipment modifications, vandalism, spilled liquids, rodent or insect infestations, exposure to weather, natural disasters, moisture, sand, pet hair, dirt/dust, burned phosphor (including image ghosting). B) The Plan will not cover BURN IN or pixel burnout not covered in accordance with manufacturer’s guidelines. C) The Plan will not cover faulty connections, adjustments of controls, normal wear and tear or consumer education. D) Failure to follow manufacturer’s maintenance schedule will void The Plan. Labour, materials, expenses or equipment required to comply with law and/or regulations imposed by any government agency, is not covered by The Plan. E) Overhead Projector Bulbs are not covered under this Extended Service Plan. F) Product with removed or altered serial numbers will never be honoured. G) Excessive use (as per manufacturer guidelines) will void The Plan.
  2. Specific Exclusions: If an authorized service centre is not available in your area for in-home service (within a 60 Km radius) we will provide you a full refund of the purchase price of your Extended Service Plan, deeming this contract null and void.
  3. The Plan is void if the unit is worked on by any person or dealer other than those authorized by 2001 Audio Video. 2001 Audio Video is NOT responsible for any INCIDENTAL and/or CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES or any ORAL MISREPRESENTATION.  The maximum liability of 2001 Audio Video under this extended warranty “The Plan” shall never exceed the purchase price of the warranted product.  This is a repair service plan for the identified items(s) only and does not provide bodily injury or property damage liability. We are not responsible for any items left in our possession after 60 days. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.
If you need assistance

Please contact us : 1 855 841-2001 / Email: customerservice@2001audiovideo.com

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