JVC Single Din Digital Media Receiver with Featuring Bluetooth and USB - KD-X38MBS


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Digital Media Receiver featuring Bluetooth® / USB / Backlit Display / Conformal Coated PCB / 13-Band EQ / Variable-Color Illumination / JVC Remote App Compatibility

Versatile Application

Receivers and amplifiers for marine and motor sports applications need to perform in harsh environments exposed to outdoor elements. JVC’s marine and motor sports receivers and amplifiers feature compact size for versatile installation even in tight spaces. Conformal coated main PCBs (printed circuit boards) offer additional protection against moisture and condensation from damaging the product.



4.0V High-Voltage 3 Pre-Outs

Equipped with three RCA terminals for pre-outs with 4.0V high voltage. Increasing the output voltage from the pre-outs helps reduce transmission noise and distortion when connected with an external amplifier.

Conformal Coating

A conformal coating is a protective chemical coating to safeguard electronic circuits from harsh environments that may contain moisture or chemical contaminants. It provides a barrier to airborne contaminants from the operating environment, such as salt-spray, thus preventing corrosion.


Bluetooth® Control

Streaming Music

Listen to popular music applications and music stored on your device with basic audio controls.


JVC Streaming DJ

Connect up to 5 Bluetooth devices simultaneously, allowing you and your friends to take turns streaming music like a DJ. Move to the groove and get the party pumping to the max.


2 Phones Full-Time Connection

You can connect two phones full time via Bluetooth, with secure and simple pairing. Calls to either phone can be received by a push of a key on the receiver.


Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile 1.7

HFP 1.7 Wideband Speech is supported, allowing you to enjoy hands-free phoning convenience together with higher voice quality and improved noise reduction.

iPhone® Bluetooth Automatic Pairing

Just connect your iPhone via USB and the automatic Bluetooth pairing function will work to complete the pairing. No complicated manual procedure to worry about.

Low Battery Information

When the battery of the connected Bluetooth device runs low, a beep sound is heard and “LOW BATTERY” appears on the receiver.



2-Line VA LCD Display

Equipped with VA (Vertical Alignment) LCD panels that offer a broader angle of view and better visibility. The 2-line display provides more information with animation effects.


2-Zone Variable-Color Illumination

You can mix the front panel illumination into 2 separate color zones. 50 preset patterns (49 colors + 1 user color preset) are available for easy customization. In addition, manual setting is possible to set each RGB color by 32 steps, providing a total of 32,768 different colors for each zone, 1 and 2, to match your preferences. You can even enjoy moving illumination, selectable from 10 color animation patterns.


Music Sync. Effect

Changes illumination patterns according to the rhythm of the music. Illumination key colors can be preset the way you like.

Spanish Text Display Compatible

On-screen display menu now available in Spanish.


Internet Radio/Digital Radio

Ready for SiriusXM Radio(optional SiriusXM tuner required, sold separately)

Ready for SiriusXM Radio. You can listen to over 100 Channels of music, sports, and entertainment.



High Current 1.5A Charging

Rapidly charge your smartphone using the USB port, with up to a maximum of 1.5A.

Sound Optimization

K2 Technology for Enhanced Digital Sound Quality

K2 is a JVC original technology that reproduces the original master sound by expanding the frequency range. For example, K2 will expand the digital data of the audio CD recorded at 44.1kHz to 192 kHz. It is also possible to recreate the high-frequency range above 20kHz that is cut during the CD formatting.


Time Alignment

By selecting the speaker type and the distance to the center of the listening position, the receiver will automatically adjust the timing of the sound output from each of the speakers so that the sound from each of the speakers will arrive exactly at the same time to the listening position.


Space Enhancement

Space Enhancement is a virtual surround technology using 2 speakers. Simply select the vehicle size, and the receiver automatically adjusts the sound effectively.


Sound Response

This function boosts the low frequencies which can be lost during compression to MP3 or AAC.


Sound Lift

Virtually manipulate the height of the speakers by adjusting the sound frequencies.


Volume Link EQ

Volume Link EQ boosts specific frequencies in the audio signal to compensate for the impact of road noise. It boosts frequencies in the music that are affected by road noise.


13-Band Equalizer

Use the 13-Band Equalizer to manually adjust the sound to your taste.


Remote Control App

Control the receiver's source directly from the smartphone using simple finger gestures with "JVC Remote" app* (now available for both iOS and Android). You can even customize your audio setting, and see detailed source information such as song title, artist name and album art etc. from the smartphone.


Short Chassis

The reduced depth of the chassis contributes to a weight reduction and facilitates easier installation.


Wired Remote Control (Optional)

IPX7 Waterproof wired remote control (RM-RK62M) is optionally available.


Steering Wheel Remote Control Ready

Factory steering wheel control functions can be retained with a third-party adapter (sold separately).

Maximum Power Output50W x 4 / 50W x 2 +Subwoofer (4 ohms) 50W x 1
AM - Frequency Range (Frequency Step) 530 - 1,700kHz (10kHz)
FM - Frequency Range (Frequency Step)87.9 - 107.9MHz (200kHz)
Tuner Preset Memory (for power disconnection)Yes
Radio TimerYes (once/Daily/Weekly)
Strong Station Memory (for FM)Yes
Preset Stations18FM + 6AM
Radio Data Broadcast System (RBDS)Yes
SiriusXM ReadyYes
Inputs and Outputs
Subwoofer Output Level4.0V
Pre-Output Level4.0V
Subwoofer Output with Level/Frequency ControlYes (Level -50 to +10)
Line Output Terminals (Pair)3 Pairs (Front + Rear + Subwoofer)
AUX Input1 (Front)
Drive Change Mode for Mass Storage ClassYes
USB Power SupplyYes (1.5A)
iPod/iPhone Control
iPod/iPhone Music PlaybackYes (via USB or Bluetooth(R))
Android Control
Android Music PlaybackYes (via Bluetooth(R))
Bluetooth Control
Low Battery InformationYes
iPhone & Android Automatic PairingYes (iPhone only)
Phone Book Access Profile (PBAP)Yes
Voice Dialing (voice recognition compatible mobile phone required)Yes
5 BT-Audio Connection [JVC Streaming DJ]Yes
Supported Audio FormatsAAC / SBC
Audio Streaming & Control (A2DP, AVRCP)Yes (AVRCP 1.6.1)
2 Phones Full-Time ConnectionYes
Hands Free CallYes (HFP 1.7.1)
Built-in Bluetooth[1]Yes (Ver 4.2, Wired-Mic included)
Media Playback
FLAC Compatible with TagUSB
AAC Compatible with TagUSB
WAV Compatible with TagUSB
WMA Compatible with TagUSB
MP3 Compatible with TagUSB
Brightness ControlYes
Auto DimmerYes
French Text Display CompatibleYes
Spanish Text Display CompatibleYes
Music Sync. EffectYes
Key ColorVariable Color
LCD ColorBlack
Display Type2-Line VA LCD Display
Full Bandwidth Power (at less than 1%THD)22W x 4
Subwoofer Direct Connection (Mono Lch)Yes
EQYes (13-Band Graphic EQ)
Preset EQYes (11-Preset)
Bass BoostYes
Loudness ControlYes
High-Pass Filter/Low-Pass FilterYes/Yes
K2 TechnologyYes
Time AlignmentYes
Space EnhancementYes
Sound ResponseYes
Sound LiftYes
Volume Link EQYes
Short ChassisYes
Back Up MemoryYes
Detachable Face PanelYes
Wired Remote ControlReady (RM-RK62M required)
Steering Remote Control ReadyYes
Remote Control ApplicationYes
Antirust-coating for MarineYes
Dimensions (W x H x D) - Installation Size7-3/16" x 2-1/16" x 3-15/16" (182 x 53 x 100mm)
Weight1.3 lbs. (0.6kg)
Unit weight in individual package2.0 lbs. (0.9kg)
Brampton (Trinity Commons)No
Toronto LeasideNo

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